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Entry Level Driver Training

Entry Level Driver Training- 24 Hours CDL truck driver entry level driver training

Students will be well versed in the safe operation, professionalism and entry-level skills needed for a career in the transportation industry. This course includes specific training in the areas of safe tank operation, double and triples operations, with additional time for Passenger, School Bus and Hazardous Material training. This is a broad spectrum course with some emphasis placed on training needed for a CDL permit, although general knowledge, Air Brakes and Combination will be discussed as they relate to safe operation of a Commercial Vehicle.



  • This course is a prerequisite for enrolling in either Class A or Class B driving classes.
  • Permit-holding adults must attend the classroom portion of the training if they plan to take the driving portion of the training in a BOCES vehicle.


*For more information on obtaining your Commercial Learners Permit / Drivers License, including step-by-step instruction as well as any fees, please visit the NYS DMV by clicking here.


Southern Adirondack Education Center, 1051 Dix Avenue, Hudson Falls, NY Or   F. Donald Myers Education Center 15 Henning Rd, Saratoga Springs, NY

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