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About ETA

At ETA we make it our business to prepare men and women to successfully plug into a new career path, or advance more rapidly in a career that’s already underway.

We help our students:

  • Obtain customized industry training
  • Connect with the Workforce Development System
  • Take advantage of apprenticeship-type programs
  • Prepare to earn higher education credits

We even offer online options. Whatever it takes, we want to help you get ahead. Let's make your estimated time of arrival at that job or career faster than you can imagine.

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What we do for you.

Whether it’s a single course, or you’d like more hands-on work, we’re a complete resource.

We’re all about doing what it takes to help you get ahead, and land that job or career that makes sense for you.

Women in the Trades 
Less than 3.4% of construction trade workers are women, according to research conducted by the Institute for 3.4% pie chartWomen’s Policy Research, 2018 report.
That number is comparable with other SKILLED TRADES when it comes to percent of women. We are focused on narrowing this skills gap.