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Celebrating Machine Tool Technology Students

To be considered and chosen for the program, students must apply to the program, which includes conducted interviews by representatives from the machine tool industry. To graduate, they must complete 500 hours and certain competencies. The program was designed for adults who are interested in entering the machine tool trade and introduces basic skills and mathematics related to machine shop theory. The class is a mixture of lecture and practical shop experience where students gain the necessary skills to enter the industry. This program was developed to address the current and anticipated need for machinists in specialty machine shops across the region as well as in companies engaged in advanced manufacturing. Local employers designed the program in collaboration with the Saratoga Warren Washington Workforce Development Board and WSWHE BOCES.

Program Supervisor, Michelle Stockwell, said of the graduates, “The skill and drive of the Machine Tool Technology students is incredible. Their commitment to the program and themselves shows how dedicated they are and speaks volumes about the quality employees they make.” Stockwell continued by saying, “there is a need for more team members in this industry and it will always be there. We are excited to support individuals who choose to prepare themselves for a new career or advance in their current field.”

Jason Viele, main instructor stated, “Your skills and knowledge gained in the past year are just a stepping stone to the future each of you choose. Continue to learn, think and reason about every challenge on your life's journey.”    

ETA and WSWHE BOCES want to congratulate the graduates! 

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