Culinary Arts Program

Culinary Arts Program - 100 Hours

This 100 hour Culinary Arts program broken into four modules (25 hours each) is suitable for Adult students of all skill levels. Participants will learn from a variety of trained professional chefs. Beginners and hobbyist will learn the basics of kitchen fundamentals and gain confidence to cook independently. Experienced cooks will expand their culinary knowledge, and refine their skills so they can take their culinary endeavors to an advanced level.

  • Module I- Intro to Culinary, Knife Skills, ServSafe & Live Industry Demos*This module includes the opportunity to earn a ServSafe Certification
  • Module II- Preparing Fruits, Vegetables, Starch and Appetizers
  • Module III- Preparing Meat & Fish
  • Module IV- Desserts & Pastries

Modules may be taken individually or as a series. 




F. Donald Myers Education Center


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