Having trouble finding the right employees to get your work done?

We’re ready to help.


We may have students who are already prepared to meet your needs. If we don’t, we’ll put together a program that provides the solution.

Maybe you’d like us to come to your place of business and provide training to your workers right there on-site. We can do that, too.

AT ETA, we understand the challenge our local businesses and industries face. There are significant gaps in trained workers in many sectors of our economy, including manufacturing, healthcare and tourism. It's our mission to fill these gaps. We're recruiting students to our programs, and we're meeting with representatives of business and industry to explore ways that we can do even more. We're also trying to recruit new instructors who have the right kind of experience to teach the next generation of skilled workers.

If you have particular workforce needs, call us to see how we can work together to create solutions for you. 

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