Commercial Driving SchoolCDL Driving Instruction - “In the Cab”
Class B Driving - 15 hours

The Class B Driving course is designed to instruct students who have already received a CDL permit and who are looking to build skill to prepare for the Class B road test and enter into the world of work. The theory associated with this practical instruction is covered in the CDL classroom course and will be used as the basis for practical driving instruction. This instruction occurs “in the cab” of ETA program trucks used for driving instruction but also used by the students to take their CDL road test.

The Class B Driving course is designed to operate in the same way the CDL A Driving course works with the exception that the trucks used for each course are different in size and complexity.  The other difference is the length of time (number of hours) it takes to become fully trained.

Driving Schedule:

The schedule for driving with the instructor is determined by matching a student to an instructor’s availability once the student is registered and a tuition is paid. This method of developing driving schedules is designed to meet the needs of both the students and the instructors. It also ensures that a consistent pattern of driving is created in order to obtain the number of training hours needed before a road test.    

Tuition: $1125 (effective 7/1/2018)

Driving instruction can be scheduled at:

Southern Adirondack Education Center, 1051 Dix Avenue, Hudson Falls, NY 


F. Donald Myers Education Center


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