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A Prosperous Future For Skilled Trades & Technology


It's no secret that the workforce industry is in need of skilled laborers. However, some fear that technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) will eventually override the demand for laborers. While the rise in technology may pose as a threat to some, to the majority of skilled trades, it will be an opportunity to improve, grow, and build skills that will make your position invaluable to a company.

Andy Rosenband, CEO of Morgan Li, global retail and hospitality manufacturer, recently wrote in a Forbes article, "Humans will work alongside, not in place of, these new technologies to enhance their capabilities. Even the smartest machine doesn’t have human attributes, such as problem-solving skills and the ability to read social cues, that give human workers a lasting competitive advantage, even in a tech-driven society." 

"We're at the beginning of what I truly believe to be a workforce renaissance. The coming years and decades will be some of the most formative for the workforce that we've ever seen. In my company, we've made investments in new technology and machinery, but we're equally committed to the growth and advancement of our employees. It's not a one-or-the-other equation for us, and I suspect that's the case for other business owners too. " 

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