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Male Nurses Explain Why Nursing Is a Job of the Future for Men


Nurses, Nurses Aides (CNA), and similar positions in health care support are among the fastest growing fields in terms of job openings. While many men still balk at applying for so-called "pink collar" jobs, not all do. (Fun fact- Nebraska is the only state that has more male than female nurses, with three male nurses to one female.)

Current research finds that economic factors have played a role — a decline in some jobs because of automation, trade and the housing crisis, and a growth in jobs and wages in health care. Nursing is growing much faster than the average occupation, and wages have increased steadily since 1980. The median salary is $68,450, about the same as the median salary for college-educated workers over all.

“You can’t put a gender on tender loving care,” Nurse Larry Meneghini, an ex-football linebacker explains. “The good thing about nursing is that I’ve never been out of work. I never worried about where my next paycheck would come from. If I ever lost my job on a Monday, I’d line something up on a Tuesday.”

“You’re a caregiver, providing quality, dignified care. It’s not you doing it as a male or a female, but just generally as a caregiver.”

Justin Kuunifaa, 41
Family practice nurse; former in-home caregiver

“It’s a good profession because it’ll always be there. They’ll always need nurses. It can’t be outsourced, it can’t be automated.”

David Baca, 37
Emergency department nurse; former handyman

The experiences of male nurses offer lessons that could help address a problem of our time: how to prepare workers for the fastest-growing jobs, at a time when more than a quarter of adult men are not in the labor force.

Nursing is a vast field. By joining it, you have access to several different types of jobs and career paths, and there’s almost certainly one that will suit you.


Read the full Jan 2018 NY Times article about several men who decided to become nurses.

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