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Adult Culinary Arts Training Program Held First Completion Ceremony on June 19


Just ahead of the busy track season in Saratoga Springs, the Employment Training for Adults (ETA) division of WSWHE BOCES held a completion ceremony on June 19 for its Adult Culinary Arts Training Program in partnership with the Adelphi Hotel.

Students in the Adult Culinary Arts Training Program learned the basics of kitchen fundamentals and gained confidence to cook independently. They expanded their culinary knowledge and refined their skills. They successfully earned their ServSafe certification.

Chef David Burke and Chef Chris Bonnivier of the Adelphi Hotel (in photo) were in attendance at the ceremony and gave some valuable advice.  

chefs talking at ceremony

“We were thrilled to collaborate with the chefs at the Adelphi Hotel for our first adult culinary arts program,” said Dr. Turina Parker who heads up the ETA division of WSWHE BOCES.

Restaurants around the region are gearing up for the summer and need trained, qualified employees.

“We are happy to help meet employers' needs, while at the same time helping individuals expand their interests. It has been very exciting,” said Parker

Congratulations to the completers!

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